Finally, my group of ten Top Tens is complete! Which means I can sit down and tabulate what movies charted most often, and try to figure out what that means as far as a comprehensive Top Ten Films Of All-Time list.

The results:

The Graduate 10

 Annie Hall 10

 Pulp Fiction 10

 Boogie Nights 10

 Shaun of the Dead 10

 Fargo 10

 Network 9

 Requiem for a Dream 8

 Trainspotting 8

 Synecdoche, New York 5

 Do The Right Thing 4

 Back to the Future 3

 Groundhog Day 1

 Citizen Kane 1

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 1


I admit to being surprised that Fargo ended up being a title that showed up on every list, since it’s never the sixth or seventh title that spring to mind. Still, by rule of the experiment, that means it’s my sixth favorite film of all time.

And yet, I’m not totally comfortable giving it that distinction yet. I suppose this is where the foolish notion of marrying the subjective nature of lists with the objective nature of data is shown most clearly. In my heart, I just can’t put Fargo over Requiem for a Dream. 

So, I won’t. Not yet, at least. I’m going to write up an essay about any title on this list that showed up more than once, try to sort out my feelings that way. So, I suppose that’s something to look forward to over the next couple weeks.

Also, I’ve been asked to do a Guest Blog about my experience as I begin watching the TV series Supernatural. I’ll check with the site manager, but I’m sure it’ll be okay for me to post those here as well. Plus, there will be probably be a post about the music video for Passion Pit’s song “Constant Conversations” up soon. Which is all to say that this blog won’t just be daily movie lists.