NIGHT WARNING (1982), Directed by William Asher (viewed on YouTube)

A fun, batshit little movie that is remarkable mostly because of two people: Bo Svenson and Susan Tyrrell. Bo plays Detective Joe Carlson, a homophobic cop in some anonymous town; Tyrrell plays Aunt Cheryl, a Crazy Old Lady of the highest order. It is a genuine cinematic thrill to watch her gaze at something (a picture of her lost love, her own reflection, a steak…) with that absent-yet-palpable mania filling her eyes. Her performance is at once over-the-top and completely note-perfect – I genuinely cannot think of another way to play that character, and certainly no better way. And in the end, when shit has gotten real and characters are starting to drop like flies, in walks Det. Carlson to dismiss everything his eyes — as well as eyewitnesses — tell him, because he knows in his gut that the real culprit here is homosexuality. And then the ending happens. It’s weird to say, but elements of NIGHT WARNING kind of make it a film very, very ahead of its time.

COCKFIGHTER (1974), Directed by Monte Hellman (DVD transfer)

This was my first Monte Hellman movie – it will not be my last. I love Warren Oates. I love Harry Dean Stanton. I want them in every movie ever. And man, that ending line, that ending moment…I love it. Can’t wait to see TWO LANE BLACKTOP.

TRAINED TO KILL * USA, aka THE NO MERCY MAN (1973), Directed by Daniel Vance (Viewed on YouTube)

I don’t know if the theme song is online anywhere, but hot damn I need to find it. DonVincent singing about…actually, I won’t ruin that for you. You can find this little exploitation movie on YouTube, if so inclined.

Project Status – 3:1 (Here is where I will keep track of whether I’m averaging a movie a day. So far, three movies to one day.)