I watched this movie primarily because of two people: Paul Thomas Anderson, and my buddy Nick. PTA has said on several occasions that the commentary on Bad Day at Black Rock was practically his film school. So I borrowed it from a friend, but it ended up being the version without the commentary in question.

Nick had talked about an idea for remaking it, which I won’t go into here because he might still want to do that.

The movie looks great. There’s a shot of a bunch of guys just standing by railroad track talking, and it’s an epic fucking shot. Other than that, this movie didn’t make much of an impression. This is one of the movies I watched a while back and am just now getting around to writing up, so I’m sure it deserves than what I am giving it. And really, I’m not saying it’s bad, it just didn’t carve out a place of its own within me. Which I’m learning is what I want in a movie.